Puthari Kol

At Kenjerene Ur mand (Urë mandë), Kunjila Village, the day after the ritual harvesting of the newly ripened rice crop, clans gather to dance puthari kol (putari kōlë) dances. The open community space (mand), bordered by rice fields and coffee plantations was donated by the Kannambira okka. The dances are led by the Kundyolanda okka who are designate ur takkas. Historically Kundyolanda, Kandanda, Kannambira, Ketolira, Bottolanda, Kaliyanda, Appachira and Kumbara okkas met and participated in puthari celebrations on this mand. This dance at the ur mand is preceded by several days of meeting to practice together, strengthening community and previously established networks of support and solidarity.